> Mexico - Queretaro

Cousin Veronica and daughter Rocio
Cousins Eduardo and Anaid, niece Veronica
Mom Dad and Eduardo
Sunset Dome
Across the Street from B&B
Street and Broom Seller
Colonial Archtypes
Super Baroque
Elaborate Lamp
Intricate Carvings
Huaraches Fresh
Lifelike Image
Colorful Courtyard
Skull Collection
Mini Museum
Water Strings
Me Too
Automagic Tortillas
Peaceful Street
Our B&B
Our B&B
Dancing and Twirling
Anaid with sons Adrian and Andres
Veronica with daughters Rocio and Veronica
Eduardo and Adriana with Kyara and Eduardo
My Family - Lena, Mom and Dad
Posing for a Last Picture