> Mexico - Morelia Patzcuaro

Mexican Country Side
Wall of Global Plates - Uncle and Aunt's House
Yummy Dinner - Cousin, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Lena, Me
City Center at Night
Inner Courtyard
Armenian Coat of Arms, Mexican Style
Brunch Patzcuaro
Copper Art Patzcuaro
Colorful Art - Patzcuaro
Cobble Street - Patzcuaro
Musician - Patzcuaro
Giant Mural - Libray in Patzcuaro
Leafy Dome
Color Play
Massive Door
Intricate Dome - Cathedral
Escaping the Sun
Baloon Tower
Local Vaquero/Campesino
Salamanca?  Morelia
Tiled Dome, Moorish Influence
Lena Says Hi
Through the Looking Glass
The Sun also Rises
Local Reflections
Morning Rays
Morning Aura